We are grateful to the members of our Board. They provide the guidance and policies for Princeton Community Housing.

Community Organization Joint Board of Trustees

Elm Court, Inc., Elm Court II, Inc., Griggs Farm, Inc., PCH, Inc., PCH Homes, Inc., PCH Village, Inc., PCV Group, Inc.

Elizabeth Bidwell Bates League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area
John Borden Princeton Monthly Meeting
Thomas W. Charles, Treasurer Nassau Presbyterian Church
Benjamin J. Colbert Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church
C. VanLeer Davis, Vice President Trinity Church
James A. Floyd At Large, Emeritus
Leticia Fraga At Large, Temp. Leave of Absence
John W. Gilmore Princeton Theological Seminary
Richard Gittleman, President At Large
Valerie W. Haynes Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Sara Just Jewish Center of Princeton
Jeannette Klink, Secretary Princeton United Methodist
Linda Meisel At Large
Alice K. Small YWCA Princeton
KyuJung Whang Princeton University
Thomas E. White St. Paul Roman Catholic Church
Edna Wigderson Institute for Advanced Study
Yvonne Wilson-Rice First Baptist Church
Elizabeth West Wolfe Christ Congregation
Eleanor W. Angoff* Emerita
Harriet Bryan* Emerita
Theodore M. Vial* Emeritus