Princeton Community Housing

PCH is the largest provider of low and moderate income housing in Princeton. We own and manage the following four properties. Please click on the links below for further information on these sites and for an application:

Elm Court was designed to serve Princeton’s low income elderly residents.  It is located at 300 Elm Road in the beautiful western section of Princeton.  In 1985, Elm Court opened... Learn more

In 1985, Princeton Community Housing purchased 26.5 acres on Route 206 and began construction at Griggs Farm.  Completed in 1989, Griggs Farm combines privately owned market rate... Learn more

Harriet Bryan House, located at 310 Elm Road in Princeton, opened in 2007.  It provides 67 one-bedroom apartments for very low income elderly residents.  The recently completed... Learn more

Since 1975, Princeton Community Village has provided high-quality low and moderate income housing for families and individuals.  There are 71 one-bedroom apartments in Holly House... Learn more

Administrative Agent

PCH is the Administrative Agent for the Municipality of Princeton’s affordable rental units and Hopewell Township’s affordable sales units. PCH also has the capacity to serve private owners of affordable units, such as Merwick Stanworth, owned by Princeton University, and Avalon Princeton, owned by Avalon Bay.

PCHDC has served as the Administrative Agent for the Municipality of Princeton’s Affordable Rental Program since 2011.  PCHDC currently oversees 39 rental units within several housing projects in... Learn more

PCHDC serves as the Administrative Agent for the Township of Hopewell’s Affordable Sales Program. There are a variety of opportunities for low and moderate income homes for sale in Hopewell.